MARVEL Strike Force best teams

MARVEL Strike Force Best Teams (Arena, Blitz, Alliance Raids & More) F2P

I often get asked which teams are working best and there are a lot of different options, esepcially with new characters being released frequently. However, I was using the classical characters that you can unlock without much money or during special events but rather from campaign or the Blitz/Arena store.

How To Build The Best Team In Strike Force

In order to build the best team you always have to mind what purpose and opponents the team will have to deal with – without now making this too complicated (I will get to that later in this article), always tailor your team around your win condition character and how you’re going to make sure to play your win condition and exploit the enemy setups in Strike Force.

So, teams will always be different in terms of how many tanks you use (if you need to protect characters at any cost), if you use healing (for longer lifetime of your team like Alliance Raids) or if you need to outsmart other teams’ win conditions (that happens often in Blitz where almost everyone uses Crossbones)

Leveling Up Your Team

Leveling up your characters will get quite expensive the further you progress, especially as you don’t have 5 characters but more like 8-10 characters in total for the different modes in Strike Force.

The Best Team Lineups

Now with that info I have here the best setups I’m running in MARVEL Strike Force.

Best Blitz Team Setup in MARVEL Strike Force

Blitz requires you to take down your opponents’ character before they can you down – the best strategy to do that is using Crossbones and assemble a team around him. The reason is easy and simple, Crossbones Detonation ability will take away more than 300% health away from his and all opponents health – a great deal do deal such massive damage that the enemy is almost impossible to survive it. The only problem is that you need 2 rounds until the Detonation is available.

Now, the best way to make this strategy work is using two tanks along with Crossbones that you use the Taunt ability to keep Crossbones alive until he can use the Detonation! You can use Drax, Luke Cage or Captain America for this, depending on which ones you have unlocked so far.

best blitz team in strike force

Most of the times you will see also Crossbones in the enemy team, so you round up your team with two great damage dealers like Gamorra, Electra, Wolverine etc. – often enough you will see an opponent with a healer so you can use them to take down the healer first and deal as much damage on the enemy Crossbones easily.

Unless your opponent has a much higher level this strategy will make you a secure victory in Blitz in MARVEL Strike Force.

MARVEL Strike Force Best Team For Alliance Raids – Best Team Without Cycle

Alliance Raids require you to survive as long as possible with your team – there’s a strategy to cycle through characters, but I do not recommend that because this will require you to take out synergies and gets a lot more expensive as you need to keep upgrading more characters.

So, the best way to do it is getting a team together that can keep alive as long as possible and that’s what I’m going to show you now.

The secret sauce to make this happen in Alliance Raids in Strike Force, you need to tailor a team around a great tank plus healer and combine it with characters that can dispell and deal damage. With this team, you can keep the damage low enough for your team, tank as often as possible and then use the healing to stay on top.

best alliance raid team in marvel strike force

Captain America is a great choice as he is tanking, has extremely high hitpoints and will also defensively buff 3 other characters in your team that will suffer a lot less damage. The best healer in the game is Night Nurse and she should be your healer of choice for Alliance Raids.

Round this up with characters you have, however, I recommend you to use Yondu due to the minions he can summon, Quake for the great dispell on all enemies and Hawkeye to blind the most powerful enemy damage dealer.

The Best Arena Team (Attacking & Defending)

Arena in MARVEL Strike Force requires you to build two teams – one for attacking other players’ teams and the other one is the one that others will attack.

Arena Offense Team

Most of the time you’ll run into team having Crossbones or other insane win conditions, so tailoring a secure team around that is the key of success to win the Arena matches in MARVEL Strike Force.

My strategy is running Crossbones myself with a tank to slow down enemy attempts supported by Quake – so you will be ahead at least 1 round and can use Crossbones detonation earlier than your opponent and win the match

best arena team in marvel strike force

Start off with Quake on the center of the team to slow them down and use Yondu to remove any taunt to take down the most dangerous enemy characters in priority one by one. The final kill be using Crossbones detonation and at that point your enemy should only have 3 characters on the field with low health and you can run the show.

Arena Defense Team

Only taking your strongest characters for defense is not the best way to do it – as you do not play the defenses yourself, you have to rely on the AI and the AI is not as good as you can play.

So, the basic strategy where you have a straight attacking plan and how characters work together don’t work that well here – so here’s what will help: simply make a team that has two extremely dangerous combinations so your opponent can’t simply play down his strategy 🙂

best arena defensive team in strike force

The team I came up with is using the combination of Crossbones and Yondu, both on their own very dangerous with their area damage and Drax will protect with the taunt at least one of them – it’s impossible for your opponent to get through Drax and get both, Crossbones & Yondu, down before they will deal their massive damage load on the opponents team.

Meanwhile, Rocket and Gamora will deal massive damage as they are not prioritized during the early part of the match and they synergize perfectly with each other.

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